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what is the british equivalent of high school? anyone knows? can i say that "i've been living on my own during my last two years in high school" in my pt?
also is it "in high school" or "of high school"?

i'm at 3090 words at the moment. w00t. and i'm revising my last paragraph about work and life experiences not connected to school that would show i'm pretty ready to leave for uni.

thanks guys. i'm going to post this piece of shit of a pt once i'm done tonight, so you can give me your input. keep in mind that i have absolutely no academic knowledge of the subjects i'd like to study in uni so i had to make up a bunch of shite just to impress the application guys. it's also going to be very cheesy because from what i've seen, that's how pt ares anyway.

i have notes that say -
1 - intro to the subject i'm insterested in and why (lol it's not really like this but i can't read my own calligraphy)
2 - what i've done related to my subjects that isnt on the ucas form
3, 4 - work experience adn things i've done in school
5 - my interests outside of school (& responsibilities)
6 - my goal of going to university and closing comment.

my own pt right now is:
1 - intro to why i like this subject and how did i learn what i know (it's hard to explain i've only been reading stuff off the internet!)
2 - stuff i've read and seen about it outside schoool
3 - says i've been studying maths for 6 yrs, physics for 2, and astronomy for just 1 cause my school is focused on humanities. says i'm involved with the astrophiles association
4 - work experience and responsibilities

the first and second paragraphs are pretty long though. but i feel like i have to explain myself A LOT. so i'm going to make the last one better now and see if i can manage to insert a quick closing comment there.

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in britain you go to primary school until you're 11, then you start secondary school (high school) and you go there until you're 16. then you can either go and get a job or go to college, & lead onto university.

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so is it okay to call it high school or is the proper term secondary school?


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