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Worked out just now.

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Not exactly pleased by this, but yeah. I decided yesterday was a complete rest day and didn't run - I'll see if I feel like going later today.
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So, workout for this morning -

Week 1, day 1 of and

set 1 - 15
set 2 - 18
set 3 - 10
set 4 - 10
set 5 - as many as i could, 14 minimum (i did about 20)

set 1 - 10
set 2 - 12
set 3 - 7
set 4 - 7
set 5 - as many as i could, 9 minimum (i think i did 12)

these killed me, by the way.

Rowing machine: almost 15 mins (before a piece fell out... damned screw which doesn't screw its way in).

Weights (all with 5kg/11lbs dumbbells):
15 x Biceps
15 x Shoulders
10 x Triceps
20 x Biceps
20 x Shoulders
15 x "Shrugging" holding weights
15 x Triceps

Rowing machine: 10 mins.

How I feel afterwards: My arms are flippin killing me!! But my abs are not, and while I was considering re-doing all of the sets, I obviously decided it would be best to just let go...!
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Worked out in the morning for a change. It went better than I thought it would! (not a fan of the morning shock)

Here's what I did, in order:
30 situps with my legs stretched out
10 mins on the rowing machine (strength 7)
30 situps with my knees pointing towards my face
2x15 reps of 5kg weightlifting (biceps)
2x15 reps of 5kg shoulders workout
2x15secs of holding a 5kg dumbbell behind my head (triceps)
10 mins on the rowing machine (same strength)
30 situps with my knees still pointing towards my face
2x15 reps of 5kg biceps weightlifting
2x15 reps of shoulders weightlifting
+ 15 of a different (still shoulders) exercise, still with dumbbells

Next time I'll bother finding the correct names of the exercises, so that I will also remember *what* exactly they are, since "shoulder workout" could mean a gazillion things.

Also, I have lost motivation to run, so I'll have to find that again asap. Good news is that my measurements are increasing where they need to increase and decreasing where they need to decrease. So that's good. Next post I'll post all the measurements I've taken so far.


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