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if you like first person shooters and you like multiplayer and you don't want to pay for a game or install anything (thus being able to play on any computer who's got an internet connection)...

so glad my exams are done.

ETA: ahhh, this non-trans guy called bret keeps finding me in every online community! started with myspace, got on facebook, and now he just sent me a PM here!! i don't want to know you better, creepy guy! D: leave me alooone! D: i added him the first time, but then i saw he was friending a lot of trans guys, and he's always got this one picture, and it freaks me out!
i'm not going to reply, but still if [ profile] madorx contacts you telling you you're a special snowflake, keep in mind that he's pretty much after trans guys.
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HAHAHAHAHAHAH i never noticed that!! you americans call the east 'east' but it's not to your east!! oh my, that's so ridiculously funny!!

ah, old skool knowledge such as geography. i love how euronormative you are!! ♥

and also this! )

um, i'm also frying my brain with dash games. like diner dash. fitness dash (or whatever its name is). you-name-it dash. I LOVE THOSE GAMES. but they hurt my brains. i hope i'll have a few neurons left to watch merlin in 15 minutes!


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