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my brain hurts whenever i find out that meat-eating people cannot make the connection between steak and living animal that was killed.
i mean, seriously. i get that they're all so used to buying and eating meat that they don't ever think that that piece of meat used to be a living cow or pig or whatever, but COME ON!
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LOL i've just been told i'm a nazi because i'm vegan. i am, apparently, trying to show that all meat eaters are monsters.

well, in my humble opinion, if you *know* what happened to the piece of meat in your plate, and still eat it, yes, you do have a problem.

does that make me a nazi though? me? seriously? apart from the fact that i hate the word 'nazi' used in whatever context that is not the second world war or post-war neo-nazi groups, i'm not the one taking innocent lives here, am i?

i just wish people that knew nothing about eating meat or not would just shut the fuck up. if you want to eat meat because you like it, fine, just don't throw it out at my face. eating meat is *not* healthy, and it's not a matter of how much you eat. if you chose to ignore that be my guest, but don't expect to start an argument with me about this and not getting pwned. because you can't win an argument about how meat is good if you've never done a single research about it. "but everyone knows meat is good for your health" does not make a good proof.

seriously. if you are not ignorant about nutrition, you know a vegetarian/vegan diet is better than an omnivorous one. if you want to just pretend you don't know it fine. if else, just, well, shut the hell up. just because you can do it it doesn't mean that you have to or that it's good that you do. for fuck's sake.

oh, and another advice - just don't say you're sorry for the poor beasts you see killed in videos about the meat/fur industry if you have no intention whatsoever to go veg*. it's called hypocrisy, and i don't react to it very well.


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