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just got this email from my history/philosophy teacher and i need to share it. i know it's long law talk and it isn't even formatted well, but yeah. it's pretty interesting. you'll get a non-italian point of view on discrimination in italy.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the tripartite UN agency that brings together governments, employers and workers of its member states in common action to promote decent work throughout the world -

Report of the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions in Italy )
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note: in this post there is a translation of this news article from the newspaper repubblica (republic, duh), written by some giovanna vitale.

err, there might be a couple comments in square brackets. sorry, couldn't help myself, but i swear they're not many.

Rome - Security doubled )

there you go. try not to scream till you get to the end. also, my translation might suck a bit, but i'm not used to translating texts, so.
anyway, yeah, this kind of thing reminds me of something i can't quite put my finger on...
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i'm watching the news and it feels like i'm in one of those documentaries that show how the newspapers talked about the fascist regime.
as of last week, our great government has decided that the police isn't enough. they have introduced army patrols in all major cities. today the news report that the soldiers are greeted with warmth and friendliness by citizens, because people feel more secure.
what?! more secure? it's the frigging army in our cities! how can you feel your secure? how can people not realize that this is all a way to make us feel like there IS a MAJOR threat to our safety and it's just around the corner from our beloved house? and what is this threat, anyway? well, the government's idea on this is no secret: immigrants, particularly people from Romania, nomads, prostitutes, you name it. the latest brilliant idea to deal with people from romania is to take everybody's fingerprint. but do not be fooled! this is for THEIR OWN SAFETY (can somebody explain to me how this works plzkthx?) not to have a list of "potential criminals" that also, coincidence, all happen to be coming from a different country than ours (and therefore have less right to be considered, you know... normal, honest people, right? right?).

this is all a bunch of bullshit and i am really surprised to see that nobody in the effing world is getting what's going on. hello, democracy? you there? NO, it isn't, because our dear mr. berlusconi made a law by which something like the five highest state politicians (like prime minister, president of the republic, and the presidents of the two houses of the parliament) CANNOT be sentenced for any crime that would get them a period of jail of ten years of more. that is, mr berlusconi is being judged for like, bribery and affiliation with the mob (and something like two or three other lawsuits, but that's another story) that would grant him well more than 10 years of prison. but hey! no! now there's a new law, by politicians, for politicians. "i can't focus on doing good for the country if i have to be in court every TWO BILLION YEARS BECAUSE THAT'S HOW LAW WORKS IN ITALY", said mr berlusconi (no shit. well, except for the all caps part).
AND PEOPLE BELIEVED HIM. and by the way, mister, did anyone tell you that the costs of life have gone up dramatically lately? that people cannot live comfortably because our economy is going down the drain? dude, i mean... i know you're a wannabe president of the universe, but THE COUNTRY'S PRIORITIES, LET ME SHOW YOU THEM.

so anyway now:
a) a criminal is in charge of the country and will not be charged or judged for his crimes as long as he's the dictator ruler prime minister of italy
b) he made a law by which politicians cannot have their phone calls traced even when the police has reasons to believe he or she is involved in criminal intents
c) he made a law by which the news are no longer allowed to report stories of 'law problems' and results of trials against politicians, even though, hey, they *are* public informations
d) he made a law by which now the state has a list of every people living here that also happens to belong to a certain ethnic group [uhm, sorry? manifesto... of what?]
e) he made a law by which the national army is now basically a division of the police (or is it vice-versa?) therefore invading our cities with heavily armed soldiers and artillery
f) he allowed his good friend umberto bossi to go and tell the masses to create paramilitary rounds in every city district (whose members are all civilians by the way) to protect our poor selves by those bad guys that are the immigrants and the muslims (lol how could i forget the muslims in all this)

so, i don't know, it looks like it's actually true that history repeats itself, but this is getting so obvious that i almost feel like my intelligence is being insulted.
but alas the italian people happen to feel quite the contrary, because they are all soo happy now that they feel safer (it's not difficult to understand that seeing the army around is a nice trick to make you feel like you NEED to be safe from something that doesn't exist, and is, actually, a form of psychological terrorism), and the TV tells them once a week that the economy is getting better so it must be true (HINT: berlusconi owns the tv. no, it's not a saying, it's actually true. like, for real.). oh and mr berlusconi personally took away naples' tons of garbage with his own hands! and that's soooo cool! even though everybody hates naples and they'd kill them southerners to save their own lives.
even though, you know, if the tv tells you your life is getting better but you go food shopping and you see that bread, which is made of WATER AND FLOUR AND SALT, costs 10 bucks per kg, maybe there is still something wrong. maybe, eh, i'm just speculating here.

so there.
italians are so stupid i'm ashamed of being here. not to mention that i do not want to be living here when this country falls to pieces, because it is going to and we all know it. i'm going to get embarrassed of living, because i saw it coming and yet living here makes me feel like i'm participating in all this shit. because as far as 20th century european dictatorships are concerned, the people did take a part in it by not realizing what was happening before it was too late and, also, by supporting the dictatorship because when you live your life in a country, it's harder to realize and *feel* dictatorships and no irony here, i realize this.

anyway, do you guys want to know what happens next? because i happen to have SPOILERS (hint: second paragraph second period)!

and a little not on fingerprints, because it occurred to me that americans might be used to this kind of privacy violation. i know very little about the american government and what i know i learned from anti-american sources (because that's the trend now), but i guess they take fingerprints of every living creature, right? it still is horrible in my opinion, but at least they don't discriminate and take your fingerprints (that is actually a way of saying "hey, you may commit a crime in the future, so i must list you in case we need to hunt your arse down") only if you happen to have, i don't know, a certain skin color, background, religious or political belief, etc. so as much as you can argue that it is useful to have fingerprints of people because well, they might commit a crime, i am against it and the proof is that in this country we do solve crimes without having a fingerprint database.
however, mr berlusconi's government wants fingerprints of *nomads only*, particularly romanians. kids as well (ah, those kids. you never know who they might end up killing!).

oh and i almost forgot: they want to introduce another new fantastic law: CRIME of illegal immigration. that is, if you leave your country in which you are surely going to die of starvation or disease or war and sell a kidney to pay to cross the sea on a dinghy, they arrest you as soon as you touch italian ground. neat! not that our jails are already overpopulated, that is. *interesting fact of the day about italy*: if you are an illegal immigrant and they find you, you are forced to leave the country and go back where you came from. but! nobody pays for the trip, obviously, so people never leave, but are thus forced to live in further illegality, running from the police, being enslaved and under-payed to do the shittiest and most dangerous of jobs until (if ever) you can afford the journey home. because unfortunately you can't sell any more kidneys, can you D:

/endrant. this is italy, people. sun, art, vespas and good life. except not.


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