Mar. 17th, 2009 08:30 pm
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alright, i'm watching religulous (2008, by bill maher), and i have to say i'm only ten minutes in but it's already starting to get on my nerves. i mean, seriously. maher has been going on for minutes telling some christians that there is no proof that jesus ever existed. some are skeptical, some don't believe him, some kinda do but they try not to show it. not only i am disturbed by the fact that those people don't even know the basics of their religion ("did jesus really exist?" after all i'm talking about an actual physical being, although they believe him to be a god. jesus was an actual person who was born and lived a certain number of years and had experiences and met people etc. so, the question of his existance is not just a matter of believing it or not. did he really exist?)... and i really shouldn't because i live in a country where catholicism is basically the state religion (not technically, but it is) and everybody gets a baptism, first communion and confirmation out of convention rather than actual belief - i am disturbed by maher's lack of infos on the matter. he just says "no, nobody has ever proved that jesus existed" but he's so sure of that that he's actually convincing people and hey - you know what? there is proof of a person named jesus who lived in palestine around the time the church says the messiah did. we got that from romans, who conquered israel as any christian well knows (there's some story in the bible of the local roman governor, can't remember his name, washing his hands about the whole jesus thing). they were very meticulous, so we do have mentions of jesus in non-christian sources.

i mean, it's only been 10 minutes, i don't know, this isn't very promising. i am open about this documentary, really, but if you're going to advocate for agnosticism by getting your facts wrong i'm not going to take your film very seriously.

also, about the virgin birth thing (and therefore the whole deal about the gospels not matching with each other) - first of all, there is a whole controversy going on about the word "virgin" in the bible. it is probably a wrong translation made through greek, where "girl" and "virgin" are synonyms (i'm not only talking about the gospels, which were actually originally written in greek, but about the prophecy of jesus' birth in the old testament as well, which got translated). then, about the fact that christians believe things that are not in the bible... it's not like "they made it up". they really do believe that their god has spoken through popes and whatnot and kind of "added" these things. i mean, the whole figure of the pope is nothing else than a guy who can actually interpret god's will. if the pope says it's right, it's because god told him so.
at this point, i think maher is not doing a really good job at selling "doubt" to the believing masses, as he really lacks objective criticism. i am perfectly aware that if you say "christians eat jesus' blood and flesh every sunday" it sounds crazy, but if you put it in a context and actually keep in mind the explanation christian themselves give to that, it's a whole different story.

i have a feeling this post will be updated often as i keep watching this movie :\

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