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background: my desktop computer is connected through an ethernet cable to the router, which is connected to the modem.
ubuntu got connected to the internet instantly, as soon as i plugged in the ethernet cable. i installed xp with the cable plugged and it's worked ever since. i didn't have to install anything.
i also use a pci card.

now, there was a 1-second blackout an hour ago (meaning the lights went off and on in the blink of an eye). my computer turned off. i turned it on again and it said the cable wasn't plugged. i plugged it out, and then back in. nothing, not plugged. switched port on the router. nada. turned both the modem and router off and then on again. again, niente.
i also restarted several times, used one of those backup things xp has (set to yesterday), and it still says the fucking cable isn't in.

now, the cable itself is brand fucking new (a year old), and i can't believe it's broken because wth, it worked wonderfully up until tonight. same with the router ports - i mean, i could believe it if one didn't work, but all four of them? it's most def. not the router.

so what the fucking hell is wrong with xp? and more importantly, WHY?!

i'm giving up on it for tonight and will try again tomorrow. but i am not happy. not at all. if i wasn't too lazy to back all my stuff up again i would reinstall windows xp, but honestly, i'm not even sure it'd work.

and no, i'm not going to call a technician. i have never called for support re: computers in my life and i'm not giving in at only 20 years of age! i'm too proud to ask for help i don't believe those people know what they're doing anyway. there's an 80% chance they'd tell me to format. as they always do. and then charge me 50€.
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now i want to know! (even though i don't feel like making a poll)

the word is LINUX. like the operating system, obv.

do you pronounce it
- leenux
- l-i-nux (this is hard to write, i mean, with the i as if it were the actual pronoun I)
- other (please specify in comments)

i say lee-nux but i don't know what the proper pronunciation is. so i want to know.

(look i'm making public posts! i think i'm making the journal semi-friends only, because it's prettier that way)


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