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I work as a english teacher here in Brazil, since last year.

i have a feeling her students all get pretty good grades...
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literal video version of total eclipse of the heart. funniest video ever, y/y?

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just got a mail from ucas so i logged on 'track' to check the news... and i found this:

"Congratulations! Your place at University of Glasgow (G28) to study Astronomy and Physics (FF53) has been confirmed."

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My favourite piece of living room forniture would be a nice sofa.

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Worked out just now.

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Not exactly pleased by this, but yeah. I decided yesterday was a complete rest day and didn't run - I'll see if I feel like going later today.
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sorry posting so much this early in the day, but this is important.

If anyone is on Twitter, set your location to Tehran and your time zone to GMT +3.30. Security forces are hunting for bloggers using location/timezone searches. The more people at this location, the more of a logjam it creates for forces trying to shut Iranians' access to the internet down. Cut & paste & pass it on.
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So, workout for this morning -

Week 1, day 1 of and

set 1 - 15
set 2 - 18
set 3 - 10
set 4 - 10
set 5 - as many as i could, 14 minimum (i did about 20)

set 1 - 10
set 2 - 12
set 3 - 7
set 4 - 7
set 5 - as many as i could, 9 minimum (i think i did 12)

these killed me, by the way.

Rowing machine: almost 15 mins (before a piece fell out... damned screw which doesn't screw its way in).

Weights (all with 5kg/11lbs dumbbells):
15 x Biceps
15 x Shoulders
10 x Triceps
20 x Biceps
20 x Shoulders
15 x "Shrugging" holding weights
15 x Triceps

Rowing machine: 10 mins.

How I feel afterwards: My arms are flippin killing me!! But my abs are not, and while I was considering re-doing all of the sets, I obviously decided it would be best to just let go...!
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I decided I'm going to alternate between running days and weightlifting days. This way I'll have a more regular schedule and perhaps I can keep better track of what I do. Besides, I lost all kind of motivations so running every day is completely out of question.

So, today I ran about 1.4 miles, and it took me more or less 15 mins. Good thing is I never stopped once... Considering that over the last week I've only been running short (0.7 miles) routes, however as fast as I could, this is a big improvement! I didn't think I'd be able to run this far anymore. So from now on I'll have to try and be a good runner, picking the longest route and devoting some time to it.
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Worked out in the morning for a change. It went better than I thought it would! (not a fan of the morning shock)

Here's what I did, in order:
30 situps with my legs stretched out
10 mins on the rowing machine (strength 7)
30 situps with my knees pointing towards my face
2x15 reps of 5kg weightlifting (biceps)
2x15 reps of 5kg shoulders workout
2x15secs of holding a 5kg dumbbell behind my head (triceps)
10 mins on the rowing machine (same strength)
30 situps with my knees still pointing towards my face
2x15 reps of 5kg biceps weightlifting
2x15 reps of shoulders weightlifting
+ 15 of a different (still shoulders) exercise, still with dumbbells

Next time I'll bother finding the correct names of the exercises, so that I will also remember *what* exactly they are, since "shoulder workout" could mean a gazillion things.

Also, I have lost motivation to run, so I'll have to find that again asap. Good news is that my measurements are increasing where they need to increase and decreasing where they need to decrease. So that's good. Next post I'll post all the measurements I've taken so far.
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anyone knows how to change my firefox language to en-gb? i'm getting tired of it correcting my extra Us and all the other stuff! i went to preferences - languages and i put 'english/united kingdom [en-gb]' on top of the list, but nothing changed (i have rebooted firefox). maybe that's not the right option?
what i'm specifically talking about is gmail and livejournal typing boxes, they're the ones that correct me, grr.
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lol, the prime minister of republika srpska, milorad dodik, is following me on twitter. awkwaaaarrd!
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lol, i <3 neil degrasse tyson.

interviewer: so, i'll ask you a question that i get quite often from students: why is pluto not a planet?
tyson: *interrupting* he had it coming.

anyway, i love mr tyson because he explains highly fascinating and complicated things with a very down-to-earth lexicon. he'd talk the same way about the universe expanding and slowly freezing to death and about picking a starbucks drink.

i'm watching the live nasa digital learning webcast (at the kennedy space center) for the launch of the sts-125, the last part of the hubble space telescope mission. which is awesome, by the way. the hst gave us all of those HUGE pictures of space objects. <3

"memorisation is not a fundamental part of physical science!" <-- LOVE. i totally agree with him that it should be all about understanding how things work and how they work together rather than trying to memorise numbers or the sequence of planets and all. <333 neil degrasse tyson.
and i also love how he always ends up talking about the death of the sun and the universe and all of those apocalyptic scenarios, lol!
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i just took the "which melbourne railway station are you?" test on facebook. i did it because i've never been to melbourne. hee hee.

the result is: glenferrie station.

you are Glenferrie. While you are a nice old station you are a bit of a dirty slut. Every student known to man has got on and been through you at some stage. All those students with their drugs, alternative lifestyles and sexualities spreading their love jiuces over your old platform it's amazing you still manage to look fairly clean.


May. 1st, 2009 06:45 pm
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power thirst: the gay version. may this be of inspiration to all fanfiction writers out there.


o hai

May. 1st, 2009 11:56 am
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i'm just posting something so i can see what my layout looks like!



Apr. 2nd, 2009 05:25 pm
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well, fandom!secrets really does have the worst timing! i didn't know he was dead! D:
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my brain hurts whenever i find out that meat-eating people cannot make the connection between steak and living animal that was killed.
i mean, seriously. i get that they're all so used to buying and eating meat that they don't ever think that that piece of meat used to be a living cow or pig or whatever, but COME ON!
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lmfao @ the pope who says that the use of condoms would make the aids problem worse in places like africa

no, seriously. i mean, i just wish they'd explain the difference between the "death" of a million unborn babies through the use of condom and the death of a million people to aids.

remember kids:

sperm > your life. don't use condoms. have a thousand kids and then let them become orphans when you get aids or, better, help them to die more quickly by passing aids to them while you're pregnant.

oh how i love the logic of the vatican.


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