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a typical year:

1) sundays. there are 52 sundays in a year, and we all know that sundays are made to rest.

365-52= 313 days left.

2) summer. for about 75 days a year it's too hot and studying is hard.

313-75= 238 days left.

3) sleep. 8 hours a day of sleep.

(365 * 8/24) = about 120 days
238-120= 118 days left.

4) sport. 1 hour a day is good for your health!

(365 * 1/24)= about 16 days
118-16= 102 days left.

5) eating. 2 hours a day to cook and eat.

(365 * 2/24)= about 31 days
102-31= 71 days left

6) relationships. 1 hour a day for chitchats - man is a social animal!

(365 * 1/24) = about 16 days
71-16 = 55 days left

7) exams. every year there are at least 30 days in which we give exams (in places outside of italy, also essays, tests, etc) - and you don't study on those days!

55-30 = 25 days left.

8) illnesses. an average person spends about 10 days a year not feeling too good.

25-10 = 15 days left

9) holidays. easter, monday after easter, pentecost, 15th of august, may 1st, liberation day, day of the republic, christmas, dec 26th, 30th&31st dec + jan 1st, feast of the immaculate conception, all saints. (tot. 13)

15-13 = 2

10) your onomastic. you would never want to study on the day of your onomastic.

2-1 = 1

and that day is your birthday. how could you even think about studying then?!

total: 0 days available
if you passed your exam, congrats, it must've been really hard!!
if you didn't -- don't worry, it's completely understandable.
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