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i totally spent 1 hour and a half talking to nathan about what to do during a zombie apocalypse. we both agreed that we'd kill zombie!luke across the corridor and then lock ourselves in his room because it's a large single and his walls aren't shared with any other rooms (as we're afraid zombie!students might come through the walls!). then after a few days we're going to go find a boat and live in the middle of the river clyde. and if we can't find a boat we'll steal a car and go to the highlands. there is so much reasoning behind this choice you don't even know! and they're 28 days later zombies so we're going to be fine!

but what i was going to tell you is this: i found these articles you *need* to read, about italian politics (well, berlusconi to be precise). they really give you an understanding of what's going on.
first article (bbc), 'berlusconi immunity law overruled'. it's pointless to stress that the quotes... are actual quotes. "These things invigorate me, they invigorate Italians. Long live Italy, long live Berlusconi!"
second article (bbc), 'q&a: berlusconi vs the courts'.
third article (times), 'berlusconi lawyers use animal farm defence in plea to keep him above law'. quote from the article: Niccolo Ghedini, also representing Mr Berlusconi, said: “The law is equal for everyone, but not always in its application.”


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