Mar. 4th, 2009

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berlusconi announced italy will donate 100 million dollars to gaza and the day after he says there's not enough money in italy to give a monthly cheque to unemployed people (mostly those who have lost their jobs due to the crisis).

i mean, now. clearly, they can find the money when they want to (see gaza, and i'd like to point out that i'm absolutely not against giving out money for good causes such as these, obviously), but they'd let people end up on the streets because of the crisis? seriously?
i read today that angela merkel (prime minister of germany) got late to some kind of world leaders meeting because the lufthansa plane she was on had some technical difficulties. LUFTHANSA PLANE. i was shocked. politicians in italy only travel with private planes, obviously paid by the state. so instead of spending, say, 300€ for a national flight (i'm counting in all the various people they bring behind, which we call "portaborse", bag holders, useless people, usually relatives of the politician or some other politician anyway), they spend about 15000€ for a private plane. is this normal? no. is this right? no. and obviously the government refuses to write a law about this. they even get DISCOUNTS at the parliament's bar. i mean, SERIOUSLY. the price for a coffee at the bar inside the parliament was lowered by 20% yesterday.

and i really could go on for hours about the money politicians waste just to enjoy stupid privileges they have. and then they say there's no money to help people out? and what about those assholes from the centre (mostly catholics), who said we shouldn't worry about unemployment cheques but we should make a reform about retirements (they did make one a couple years ago, and while you were forced to give a certain % of your monthly earnings to the state so they could give it back to you once you retired, now you can give it to a private agency or give it back to your company so they'll give it back to you all at once when you leave the company).

oh and also, berlusconi is privatising water. i'm not even kidding. privatising it means prices will skyrocket (they've already done this in some northern region and the citizens there are on the verge of a riot) and NOT EVERYBODY will be granted access to something AS BASIC as water.

obviously, though, this hasn't been advertised. you can't read about it anywhere on newspapers. i'm so mad at this government it's not even funny anymore. now with the public patrols they established it's even worse! private citizens can round up and go patrol their quarter. HELLO, FUCKING FASCISM.

this is NOT acceptable. and i hate how everybody keeps saying "Hey! you can't do that! it's against the constitution!" and does NOTHING to stop him (i'm talking about the stupid politicians from the opposition), even when berlusconi is saying that he wants to CHANGE the fucking constitution.

AHHHHHHHHH i know it's wrong but i wish for the sake of this country that he gets an heart attack or something. he's not just a bad person (and he is, and the long, long list of things he's condemned for or suspect of - including mass executions - is a good enough proof of it), but he's a wannabe (and succeeding) dictator and i'd rather see my country fall apart from a left wing government that can't handle the work than from a fascist government that will voluntarily destroy the very things that constitute a democratic country.

ETA: oh, and just fyi - a couple of politicians (women) from the opposition wanted to bring berlusconi to the european court of justice for discriminating against women ( a) he said that (quoting) "to prevent rape there should be a soldier for every pretty girl in the country, but obviously that's not possible"; b) since it's so hard to find a good job these days, "girls should just find a rich man to marry"; c) he said to sarkozy that he "gave him his woman"). why the european court you ask? well, because as of a law he passed last summer, the first five most important men of the government cannot be brought to justice for any kind of thing. so they can't sue him in italy. [ yes, that also means that if berlusconi started killing people - which he's already been doing for 25 years, anyway - noone in italy could make him go to jail because there is now a law against it.]


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